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So What's It All About? What's goin on here?

Salute A Vet

Salute a Vet is a Colorado Springs Veteran Collective effort dedicated to reciprocity towards the brotherhood and sisterhood of area veterans and their families who are now civilians serving the community with products and services.

Thank you for your service

The premise is that when we see our servicemen and women in uniform, we want to shake their hands and thank them for their service to our country. At restaurants, sometimes we discreetly pay for their meals.

Why we Salute A Vet

Uncommon circumstances and sacrifice are a part of every veterans life. Preparedness and experience with situations dedicated to the good of Americans at large is noble and merits honor.

We can't show thanks without visibility

Salute a Vet, a veteran directory featuring products and services available from or made by veterans offers exposure to both veterans and civilians business owners in the interest of reciprocity and camaraderie.

Sponsors are invited to share Salute A Vet calling cards in their establishments as well feature specials to veterans on our website, social media, events and blog. SAV members are notified and encouraged to take part in events/offers and all are encouraged to make use of the resources available from our veteran directory!

Take a look around as we expand. Please use our links towards more information about Membership, Sponsorship and general Contact is welcome.

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