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The Invitation

We are at ground zero with our warrior directory...

Millie, Our Warrior, represents integrity, service and devotion.

Which means opportunity is knocking!

The opportunity is for military business owners to gain more visibility, increase connections, and attract community business.

Salute a Vet is inviting veterans and their affiliates (family members) in Colorado Springs to apply for the opportunity to have a listing in our collective directory.

We will position SAV (Salute a Vet) directory calling cards at participating community businesses to help spread the word of thanking Vets for their service by hiring them for business services and products. These Sponsors will offer incentives which attract Veterans as well. Everyone likes a win-win arrangement!

Sponsors incentives for Veterans will also be available on the website, Facebook and featured on our blog.

Veterans are encouraged to build camaraderie by sharing Salute a Vet calling cards, making the invitation to further build our directory. We all like to hire one of our own, we know the integrity, detail oriented and commitment veterans are likely to provide.

Questions and comments are welcome!

Visit our website to locate our membership application and possibly new friends.

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