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Rhonda M. Smolarek


  • Website Designer

  • Branded QR Code expert

  • Author of Quick Response Codes Optimized available instantly (click on book image) Amazon/Kindle


Originally a Software Engineer for the USMC and the USDOT, I upgraded my technical skills to include Website and Graphic Design. I've owned my firm Remarkable Design since 2017. I serve small and medium businesses and I chose to go against the grain and not use Word Press. I know it's a popular platform because of excellent marketing, I even invested in a pricey course on designing in WP, but I find the websites require too much maintenance, plugins are constantly buggy and it's creatively limited. I write computer code and don't need a template driven system to build a website out but I find that on occasion clients need upgrades to their websites or want to purchase the backend, or the developers code but are then unable to modify the computer code. I have done upgrades on websites made by other designers, that's where my software engineer background comes in handy. For those reasons, I make my creative property available for purchase in a template driven platform that is not buggy like WP. In this way, my clients are not likely to have an emergency where portions of their websites are not functional.

I've served a variety of industries with websites and QR Codes. I prepare an estimate which begins by collecting client goals, discovering any concerns, researching my clients competitors, and then the design work begins. I request a signed agreement where I outline the process, review the estimate, explain additional prices, share hours, etc. I operate from integrity and do my best to prevent surprises in the process. I value my clients time and have methods in place that helps me design the website they envision in a timely manner.

Please visit my website:


Back in 2012 I discovered Quick Response codes, also known as QR Codes. Did you know that a QR code can launch any function on a phone or tablet? Why are they used in such limited ways? That's a good question. I wrote a book about QR Codes and am in the process of creating a course to share stunning and uncommon usage. Since the pandemic heralded in the need for sanitary activities, the QRC is never going away. It's time to outshine and outsmart the competition and resolve customers frustrations with a professionally branded quick response code by an expert! You can see my uncommon designs with QR Codes by copying/pasting the link:


Integrity is my middle name. I keep strict business hours to maintain balance. I'm a dog person. I like cats too, but my dog doesn't so that's how that goes. I'm very creative. I'm into macro photography, I shoot a Canon Rebel DSLR. I do home remodeling projects to ground myself and clear my head. I'm very competitive about my work and I strive to provide the most eye catching and vividly written content for my clients. I consume books and information about my craft like mad. I want to buy a small row boat one of these days but I settle for walks on the beach for now.

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Rhonda Gould Smolarek

Rhonda Gould Smolarek


Innovator @ Remarkable Design - Websites & Graphic QR codes

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